Walking on fire

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Isn’t it hard to imagine any sane person making a decision to walk on fire, simply because someone they’ve never met told them they could? Trust has never been my strong suit.... in fact the more I like someone, the less I trust them. Call it what you will, I called it survival instinct. Anyone who knows me will probably tell you that I’m not a follower. All of my life I’ve been raised to question authority, to walk the path less traveled. All that went out the window exactly 1 month before I sat down to write this blog. Even now I can’t understand why I did it. Walking on fire would gain me nothing, and I could lose so much! Fear is a powerful emotion. It can cause us to respond irrationally. In fact most emotions do. Here’s something that good sales people know, people buy emotionally and justify logically. One person can freeze up when afraid, the other can be compelled to spring into action, charging into dangerous circumstances. Most of my life has been shrouded in fear. It has compelled me to act in some very foolish ways, and looking back on that night, this might have been one of them. I say "might", because I’m not writing this from the burn unit of a Los Angeles, California Hospital. Not only did I not get burned, I didn’t feel the heat of the fiery coals as I walked across. It amazes me because I was expecting to experience another example of "Mind Over Matter," in which I felt searing pain and had the strength of mind to endure and keep moving forward. It’s nothing new to me. Many people have suffered pain in their lives and yet they keep moving forward. Tony Robbins would tell you that I was in “Peak State." A scientific cynic would explain it away as sweaty feet. You get to decide who’s right. It’s one of the many freedoms we enjoy in America, no one can tell you what to believe. We can try to influence your beliefs, but in the end it’s up to you. Just like it was up to me, whether I was going to step out on a bed of coals ranging in temperatures of 1,000-2,000 degrees and walk across! I don’t understand why I had to do it. Perhaps it would have been better that I got burned, and was carried away with feelings of inadequacy. When I made it across, there was an awe and a sense of power released! Now I’m ready to do all the crazy things that I’ve dreamed about since I was a boy! Do you remember when... you knew your dreams would come true and it felt like you were living that reality already? A good friend of mine was worried for my safety. He told me over and over not to do it, and there was a familiar part of me that wanted to listen, but I had a sense of certainty that night. I knew that either I was going to do this, or fear was going to rule my life forevermore. I’m tired of living in fear. Fear of failure, looking foolish, friends, family, and financial freedom. You might understand the 1st 2, but friends, family, and financial freedom? There was a time when I would have laughed hard if confronted with that statement. I’ve worked non-stop, gone without, and spent years in the struggle for "The Good Life." Now I can’t deny it. As much as I’ve always wanted to live in abundance: good friends, a loving family, and a life of financial freedom it’s something that I know has scared me more than failure. Success... it happens to other people, but I come from nothing. This blog is an attempt to understand and put into words a shift that began years ago, and culminated into a moment so amazing that it set me free emotionally. No, it’s deeper than that. This blog is a manifestation of the freedom of doing something that you don’t totally understand, something dangerous, something bigger than you... and coming out on the other side different. Maybe I still have a long way to go on my bed of coals. In fact I know that I do, but I also know that my friends as well intentioned as they are won’t stop me. I’m great full to have people around who care enough to try and stop me when they see me doing something that they think isn’t good for me. I’m great full to have other friends who will encourage me to step out and do something crazy. The truth is that I have to do the things that are coming. Whether, I’m surrounded by loved ones or not, this is a journey that must happen and it will. I’m going to make it a reality! Success or failure, life or death, whatever may come, you will be eye witnesses to an extraordinary adventure that scares me because I don’t know what will happen. Years ago I was set free Spiritually, and I’ll be blogging about that another time. This was different, walking on coals that night unleashed something inside emotionally that I still don’t understand. Why did other people decide not to do it? So many turned around and walked away. In my mind they cheated themselves. Why were some burned and I wasn’t? I met some who had been fine as they began, and as 1 person put it, "I started to think what am I doing, and that’s when I felt the pain." She believes that she lost her, “Peak State." I’ll be writing more and more because even though I don’t know exactly what happened that night, I do know that I am never going to be the same. Something really was unleashed within and the fear that has surrounded me like a cloud is gone. It suppressed my inner voice. That’s what these blogs are going to express, the voice within. I’ve always wanted to do this and now it’s a reality. As you read these blogs and watch these videos-you are witnessing something that Tony Robbins helped free. The voice of someone that has something important to say, and something even more important to do.

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