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Committed to Your Satisfaction



The Vision

I love fixing problems!  Having the answer is a part of my DNA.  It always has been.  It’s both my super power and my Kryptonite.  When I write my book it’s going to be on what not to do... in life, in business, and definitely in the Home Improvement Industry.  I’ve spent years fixing problems(a lot of them), trying to protect Homeowners,  and seeing what you shouldn’t do.  At work I’m in my flow state, in a conversation where you wanna vent....  I’m kind of annoying!  Maybe that’s why I’m a workaholic with no social life?  This whole time I just thought I had a superior work ethic!  Breakthrough...  At any rate, I’ve found my mission, to be an advocate for Homeowners and a Contractor Liaison!



The Strategy

Some people enjoy eating Easy Cheese right out of the can... I'm not that person. I want to see the cheese. Where is my cheese? How does it fit in the BIG picture, the bigger strategy? Let's play with meat and crackers and make some cheese towers. I always make a plan and two or three backup plans. I'm a lifelong learner and I'm not embarrassed to be the oldest person in the room. I have a couple degrees, and I'm pondering going back and getting a couple more. However, since I usually have a dozen neighborhood kids in my house, I don't know how realistic that is... at this particular moment.



The Network

I'm Gina, above all I'm a mother of one. Showing her how to soar is my most important job. Aviation is my industry. As an aircraft dispatcher in flight operations its my job to make and execute plans with back up plans ready and waiting. Ensuring flight safety is paramount and the development of trusting relationships in and out of the workplace has been one of the keys to my happiness. At 30,000 feet building successful relationships becomes important real quick. I am utilizing those same relationships to help build the network that will power the system we have created. In my spare time I love to help my family with our great little restaurant and volunteering with various groups in the community.



The Brand

There's a story behind it all but I'm here to tell this story. I've been telling stories my whole life and I've gotten pretty good at it. I started writing soon after I was talking and was telling stories before I was walking. At first, no one understood them. But I learned the language, got a decent education, in the classroom and out and "viola". I make a living helping people discover, explain and broadcast what they were put here to do. Thats my story "and I'm sticking to it"



Contractor Rep

I've spent the last 20 years leading and working along side of contractors and employees. I've worked with some of the best men and women in the industry. One of the hardest things to do is to be able to know you have found the correct contractor for you. Let my experience work for you. Let me pick the best Master Elite or certified contractor for your project, or I will handle it myself.



Certified Service Professionals

We only work with contractors that we have certified based on their work, their experience and their customer experience ratings. Our contractors are trained by the manufacturer to install the weather stopper system based on their specification.

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